The Cyber Defence Strategy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg aims to further develop the country’s capabilities through a number of initiatives to upskill the workforce and promote greater national and international cooperation. One initiative is the Luxembourg Cyber Range platform, a virtual training environment for national and international cybersecurity professionals enhancing technical skills as well as crisis management capabilities at technical and leadership levels.

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Uses of the Cyber Range


Live-fire exercises: cyber incident simulation exercise for technical cybersecurity personnel that aims to develop technical incident response and red teaming skills which also enables leadership levels to improve their risk assessment of the overall response capability.

Strategic decision-making exercise: strategic exercise that facilitates the process of carrying out strategic decision- making. The Cyber Range offers the participants a simulated environment for playing out a fictional cyber crisis by taking concrete crisis management decisions and exploring the (in)formal frameworks that govern decision-making processes.

Security testing and benchmarking

The Cyber Range offers an environment for conducting cybersecurity tests and benchmarking of technologies/ architectures.


Capture the flag (CTF): a competitive event where participants are faced with a number of well-defined tasks (which can be both practical and theoretical) that need to be solved by employing various cybersecurity skills. Importantly, the progress of the event and the success and failures of participants can be followed live with instant visualisation of the results.

Classroom-type training: traditional classroom training conducted with the assistance of a tutor. The Cyber Range can be used to build and deploy virtual machines or technical artefacts independently for each individual trainee.

Skills testing: an advanced system based upon the Cyber Range combined with tailored training and educational content utilising the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) National Initiative for Cybersecurity framework (NICE) which is a formalised approach to ensuring cyber workforce personnel have the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to not

E-learning: environment where learning and testing activities can be carried out via text-, image- and video-based content. Besides cyber hygiene, the range of standard courses also includes disinformation, remote work hygiene, GDPR and anti-corruption.

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Target Audience

The main target audience of the Luxembourg Cyber Range includes:

  • national authorities;
  • national governmental entities;
  • national cybersecurity actors;
  • national education and research entities;
  • national critical infrastructure operators and operators of essential services;
  • NATO allies;
  • EU partner nations;
  • International institutions linked to the defence sector (EU Agencies, NATO agencies, Centre of excellences).
  • Humanitarian organisations

Good to know

Besides the existing content, additional customised exercises and training content can be created and added.

The latest version of the training catalogue and a detailed list of the live-fire exercise scenarios is available on demand.

The Cyber Range platform can be either accessed remotely or from a dedicated training facility provided by the Directorate of Defence.

The Cyber Range hardware infrastructure components are implemented within the NATO Support and Procurement Agency’s datacentres, located in Luxembourg. Target audience interested in using the Luxembourg Cyber Range free of charge can contact the Directorate of Defence.


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